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    McAfee Migration Tool Prompt?


      I hope I am posting in the appropiate area? Shortly after my daily Anti Virus Daily update,(Engine Version 1654) I recieved a McAfee prompt to allow access to "McAfee Migration Tool" I am currently on:


      McAfee Security Center



      McAfee Personal Firewall Plus



      The file can be found in-C:\programFiles\McAfee\Msc\McMigrator.exe


      I am curious as to what this pertains to? After searching,it seems to be associated with "Firewall" permissions? It has been added to my "Firewall Permission list" with "Full Access". I might add that I have my "Traffic Controller" set to

      "Monitored Access"


      Windows7 Home Premium

      Service Pack1

      Internet Explorer 10- Fully updated


      Any insight on this matter, would be sincerely appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.....CatDaddy