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    EEPC update weird issue


      Hi all.


      I found some really weird issue with the EEPC v7.0.2


      I had some laptops in my network worked with EEPC7.0.0 and ePO 4.6.6


      Now i start update proces to ePO5.0 ande EEPC7.0.2

      I migrated some device form one epo serwver to other and deploy newest version EEPC, but in one case i had some problem.


      After EEPC upgrated on this machine and restart the computer i cannot run windows7. I can provide credentials for login to mcafee (PBA screen), then i see the message "running windows 7" but the operating system not start.


      When i restet it and unplug network cable, the laptop can run windows.


      Sorry for my english.


      Any sugesstions??