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    Server Location


      It just so happens, I have friends in Texas, and Southern Ontario,Canada as well. This explains by the server locations mentioned, is why amongst us all the "Updates-UpGrades" generally occur with close proximity (24-48 hrs) or sometimes on the same day.


      My Geographical location is on the East Coast, U.S.


      I might add in addition, I was pleasantly surprised when my McAfee Total Protection "Upgraded" without the Prompt to "Restart". This occured when it changed from  "12.1-12.8"  And has functioned flawlessly ever since. This in itself was a marked improvement, in my opinion.


      The only minor "Glitch" I seem to have , is periodically my "Traffic Control" indicates some ridiculous ( Max-Outgoing Traffic)..yet seems to correct itself generally on it,s own,after the next update.  I had a "Tech 2 " take a look at it a while back,and said there was no need to worry.


      Thanks for the valuable information...