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    Windows 7 Restart instillation issue

      I'm having a a heck of a time getting the AT&T version of McAfee on my wife's HP Pavilion laptop with Window's 7. We've previously had Norton 360  that was part of the Comcast subscription on both of our computers. My laptop is an older Compaq and I had no problem uninstalling Norton 360, and putting the McAfee I downloaded from the AT&T U-Verse site. Everything seems to be working great on the old computer with Windows Vista.


      But I seemed to have run into a brick wall with my wfe's computer. I downloaded the McAfee from U-Verse, then I tried the install but it wouldn't install with the Norton software on the computer and Windows 7 wouldn't manually uninstall so I downloaded the Norton software and then I uninstalled. Then I ran the McAfee install program and everything seemed normal until I had the restart. Then it was basically frozen for a few hours until I did a force restart where it took me back to the previous startup sceen with the Norton still on there. I repeated the uninstalling the Norton and installing the McAfee and the next time it restarted and I ran complete scan that came up free. Then I shut it down for the night. When I started it again the next day another big freeze and Windows reverted back to the same startup screen with the Norton.


      And now I can't load it. I've tried deleting Norton, then running the McAfee Virtual Technition and deleting the cookies and cache from both IE and Chrome. Then installing McAfee downloaded from AT&T and I get the same hang up. Any suggestions here?

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          This is I hope Windows 7 SP1 and you already have IE10 installed (even if you don't use IE, McAfee does). Uninstall everything McAfee & Norton via Control Panel > Programs.  Run the Norton Removal Tool - reboot, and then the McAfee Removal Tool - reboot.


          Run the McAfee Preinstall Tool then try downloading and installing from your online account.

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            I tried following your steps, Norton Removal tool, restart, McAfee uninstall, restart, McAfee preinstal, then downloading McAfee from the AT&T site and after I was done installing McAfee it didn't ask me to restart. I was half tempted to run a scan on the computer, but when I when I restarted it froze again and it reverted back to having the Norton. One of my friends that works for McAfee here in the Bay Area thinks it might be a Norton Tool Removal problem and it might not be completely removing Norton. He suggested a third-party removal tool although I'm not having a lot of luck with that at the moment. And when I try to unstall Norton through the control panel, it's unresponsive. 


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              Something is radically wrong.  It's impossible to revert to Norton after running the removal tool as there would be no Norton left in the system.  However, if there are other types of Nortonsoftware onboard or an infection maybe, anything could happen.   It appears to me that something is starting a System Restore every time.   You never confirmed if this is Windows 7 SP1 and fully updated, including Internet Explorer 10.


              Try some tools in the last link in my signature below for infections such as Stinger, Malwarebytes Free for starters.


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                I believe I have the latest version of IE. How do I check the version? The current version looks like it has a transparent top. I the mean time I'll try using one of those tools you recomended.

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                  Open IE and go to Help > About, that will tell you.


                  Likewise for the operating system right-click Computer on your desktop or in the Start Menu and select Properties.  That will tell you what version of 7 it is.