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    9/27/2013 update problem...


      okay so my problem is with the mcafee updater... i opened up my mcafee security center and i clicked on check updates. so mcafee checked the updates and it went pretty normally and then it started downnloading and then suddenly it just ended the update without asking me to close the interface and it said that the update was done. i tried restarting my pc many times and the same thing occured i'm wondering if this might be normal or if i might have a virus... i ran a full scan yesterday and it had no problems and today i had mcafee virtual technician to check and it said it had no problems, i'm wondering what might be wrong with my mcafee updater. thanks in advance

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          Peter M

          The newest version of the software updates differently from the old 2012 one.   What version do you have?  Open it and click 'About' also check if it is green and states that it is protecting.   You could also try running the Virtual Technician to check if all is well:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/

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            Peter M

            Moved to SecurityCenter as a better spot.

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              i have version 12.8 and it's green and it says that it's protecting. also this problem didn't heppen yesterday only today i don't know why... and i just ran mvt and it found no problems... also it actually installed the updates some time ago but after i click update it says that it's downloading the update and then it just stops and says that it installed successfully...

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                Peter M

                I think it's merely polling for updates and for some reason the UI states it is downloading.   I wouldn't worry about it.   Just let it update by itself whenever, and the problem should disappear, hopefully.

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                  I've been having the same issue for the past couple of days.  It does update normally, but every time I check for updates, instead of seeing "Your Programs are Up To Date", it goes to download the updates and then stops and says "Updates Installed Successfully" even though the updates had aleady been previously installed and no new update was actually installed. 


                  I think it's just McAfee being McAfee.  If McAfee ever were to run normally and as expected with no problems, it probably wouldn't feel like McAfee.  It's always some issue with McAfee.  Fortunately, this one seems to be a minor one.

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                    Peter M

                    I'll report this on our conference call today.   Probably just needs a minor code change.   But it could also be a server error.

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                      Peter M

                      I've been asked to suggest a test.  try turning off Access Protection in SecurityCenter > Navigation > General Settings and Alerts to see if it makes any difference with how the updater works.


                      I will report back your results.


                      Alternately try running the Virtual Technician.




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                        As of last night, Oct. 3, updating is back to normal and "Your Programs are Up To Date" comes up on a manual update check after installing the latest update.  I didn't actively do anything to try to fix it.  Obviously it was a fix that McAfee sent out with the latest update.


                        So all is working OK again (at least until the next McAfee glitch, which I'm sure will be coming at some point soon).

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                          Peter M

                          As my father used to say "these things are sent to try us".   Glad it's OK now.