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    i cant take server password my account


      I really messed this anti-theft thing

      at first it was installed as a trial version with my asus laptop


      my laptop blocked a couple of times and I deleted my Laptop from my mcafee account thinking it would stop the "system lock due to the disabled timer expired"


      But now a monty later it blocked again.

      i dont remember setting up the user password.

      i can't access server token password because as I mentioned I removed my laptop from my mcafee account.


      Please tell me there is a way out of this,a default password or a way to register  my laptop again.


      i called mcafee turkish tech support (1217842404) from my neighbour and they sent me a mail and wanted some data and pics from me... i replied mail but still waiting a solution


      I cannot contact mcafee chat service from my ipad or call them again


      sorry for any mistakes english is not my first language.