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    MWG6: Block Result 130




      this block result has haunted me for years now. Support has never been able to give me an answer that's satisfactory.


      Problem: Some websites don't work as expected or file downloads are interrupted. The access log always lists block result 130 in those cases (which translated means "download interrupted"). Needless to say that the downloads are of course not actively interrupted by users. It's webwasher itself that interrupts these downloads (or requests, for a matter of fact).


      Can anyone shed some light on what's going on in these cases and what can be done about it?



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          If you have old support ticket numbers, please send them to me in a private message and I'm happy to investigate.

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            Thanks. But I wasn't looking for someone to look into old cases, I don't want to cause any trouble for anyone. What I actually wanted is a good explanation for block result 130. Why does it happen, what can be done to find the root cause and what needs to be done to fix it.



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              The problem is that the answer you were given is correct.  For your specific case, I would need to see a packet capture from the client and the Web Gateway while reproducing the issue.  You said that the Web Gateway interrputed the requests but you didn't say what data supported that statement.  If we had packet captures, we could see which side closed the connection.  If I had ticket numbers, I could see what data was collected and possibly give you a better explaination.

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                Ok so that basically means that if we see block result 130, we can not know for sure why the transfer was interrupted and we *have* to dig deeper into it with tcpdumps. I thought maybe there are some rules of thumb for why this generally or usually happens.


                So support's answers were actually right. 130 stands for "something went wrong, but we don't know what".


                No need to go into specific tickets. I just want to generally understand what is going on when we see 130.



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                  To the best of my knowledge, yes, that is correct.  The TCP stream was terminated pre-maturely and transfer was interrupted.  Packet captures would be needed to find the exact cause.  In theory you should be able to reproduce this (cancel an iso download) and see it in a rule engine trace.