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    Partial content problem while playing media files on iOS trough Web Gateway


      We had a strange problem whit playing some media files on a iPad which accesses the internet trough Web Gateway.

      We found out that the iOS media player on iPad / iPhone does not "accept" the fact that the anti mallware scanner by default removes the range header of a GET request.

      If this happens the media player refuses to play the file and instead produces a fuzzy error.

      Some technical information regarding this iOS behavior:


      http://mobiforge.mobi/developing/story/content-delivery-mobile-devices?dm_switch er=true (see apendix A)


      Only way to get it working trough Web Gateway was this:




      We modified the "remove partial Content" rule in the anti mallware section to only remove the range header when the User angent string does not contain iPad or iPhone.

      Hope this helps other people running into this error.


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