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    Hyper-V 2012 Support, When!


      Hi Folks,


           I hope read this message someone who authorized. Firstly, We appreciate your business. I had already wrote to such a threat at the year 2011 but it has remain inconclusive, as well. As a loyal customer of McAfee, we don't want to have an dedicated server/vmware server to run web gateway!!! All your archrivals is support Hyper-V Platform but so if there is any progress/workbench about these requests at your side?  AcceptOnDemand did not work because that I was registered to https://mcafee.acceptondemand.com/,but didn't reach any confirmation email or someone who contact. We don't understand this behavior! McAfee can do investment with MOVE to Anti Virus on Hyper-V but can't do another scope! Unfortunately Hyper-v are no longer available/are support, so we will have to cancel our agreement because we see no other alternative but to cancel our agreement for this issue. Please forward this message to sales/development team. We are already talk with local partners for a long time but they are unsuccessfull in this scope.


      I would be most grateful if you would look into this matter as soon as possible.


      Best Regards