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    Internet Explorer Vulnerability


      As always, thank you Ex Brit, Hayton for your prompt response and in-depth knowledge. In saying this, Hayton you were correct in assuming that the Security Advisory you mentioned. Was indeed the Vulnerability I was mentioning.


      Although, I don,t subscribe to the Security Advisories. I do frequently go to the Website and try to stay informed as I am "Security Oriented" As for the General update numbers associated with the Older Version (11.6) in comparison to the (12.8) engine version numbers. They do indeed coincide on the same day our Anti-Virus updates.


      I became aware of this by going into Windows Explorer, and checking in the appropiate area, which gives you both the (Dat) and Updated Engine Version for that particular day. I will still have faith in McAfee protecting me, opposed to installing the "Fix-it" or switching Browsers.


      I try to use common sense, and surf safely, keep all my add-ons,and Third-Party Apps current, and of course all Windows Updates. So far that has sufficed...However, having said that...You never can tell when you give a computer to a "Redneck" !  Chuckle....


      I might mention also, my username was derived-chosen by the simple fact, at the time I was registering...there was a 21 lb "Cat" sitting by my side just-a-staring. Hence, she actually thinks I am her "Daddy" !!!!   So there ya go....CatDaddy.


      Again....Thank you for your prompt, courteous response.

      God-Speed...From the "Home of Nascar"........CatDaddy