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    VSE 8.8 (or, another McAfee AV product) is corrupting program execution


      Hi - I have VSE 8.8 (along with ePO and HIPS) installed on my Windows XP (SP3) work computer.


      I run a program called "Android-Sync" to syncronize my MS Outlook information to my Android phone. As part of Android-Sync's normal operation, it invokes the adb.exe (Android Debug Bridge) command in a separate Windows process when I connect my phone to the PC via USB.


      While Android-Sync mostly works fine, there is a problem being introduced by a McAfee AV product (I'm not sure which one): While Android-Sync and the invoked adb.exe appear to operate properly, the invoked adb.exe command "hangs" and never terminates properly when I disconnect my phone. So each hung instance of adb.exe appears in my WIndows Task Manager, and I manually have to kill each instance whenever I shut down my computer. Sometimes, I have to manually kill 20 or more instances, which takes a lot of time and gets very annoying.


      I know that McAfee is involved with this failure in some way. When I uninstalled McAfee temporarily from my computer, each instance of adb.exe was terminated properly when I disconnected my phone.


      How do I configure McAfee to allow adb.exe / Android-Sync to operate normally without McAfee blocking some of its operation?