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    how to upgrade m1250 sensor


      I seem to be unable to find how to do this in a document, or that it assumes you already know where to put the software.  My m1250 is currently at version 5.1.7 and I'm looking to move it and the manager to 7.x (going through 6.x in the process of getting there).


      When I select "Devices" and then "Software Upgrade" in the manager, it lists "Not available" under "New Version".


      I've downloaded multiple versions of the swnsorsw_1250_xxxx.jar files for each intermediate release, but I don't seem to know where to put them to have the UI find them.  I've tried the most logical place I can see, which is "Program Files\McAfee\Network Security Manager\App\offline_downloads", but of course that doesn't work.  I can't see any other directories that would be an obvious location to put them, and the online help offers no assistance.


      Can somebody point me in the right direction with this, please?

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          Hi Darren,

          It sounds like your manager is at an older version (5.x?) and does not support the newer software version you are looking to load.  The manager should be upgraded first.


          Once the manager is upgraded the newer versions should show up in the available list of updates.  There is also a "manual import" option available under the Manager -> Update Server section, but be sure your manager version supports the version you wish to install by checking the release notes first.



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            Thanks for the quick reply.  The manager is currently at  I could update the Manager to 7.x, but I'm concerned that that may cause other issues, with the sensor being so far back (so I'd like to get the sensor up to at least the level of the manager first).

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              Any other ideas what might be wrong?  If I upgrade the manager to a higher release, the sensor will be two full releases back (it's currently at 5.1).

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                Bump.  Just hoping there may be some other ideas on this....

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                  Darren -


                  You mention that the M-1250 is at version 5.1.7.x .. which is .x?

                  Here would be my recommendation based on what I do gather from your email:


                  1. Upgrade the M-1250 to (can be upgraded from or later)

                  You should be able to see from the NSM Configure/Manager/Update Server/Software page under the M-1250.

                  You can just select the version and then click on the Download button to load it to the NSM.

                  If your manager does not have web access then download that version from the Product Downloads site along with:

                  M-1250 sensor software

                  Store these files on your local desktop or on the server in any folder you wish... c:\NSP\SSW is good enough.

                  Then, from the same "Update Server" menu select "Manual Import" and point to each of the files that you downloaded and import them into the manager.

                  Get select the M-1250 sensors you need to upgrade and push the sensor software to them and reboot them when it tells you to.


                  Stop .. do not deploy yet.


                  2. Upgrade the NSM from up to


                  Use the NSM Upgrade guide if you have any questions on the upgrade of the NSM.

                  General summary is:

                       a. Perform both an ALL-TABLES and a CONFIG-TABLES backup of the NSM

                       b. Stop the NSM, NSM UI, and NSM Watchdog services  (NSM Database Service should still be running)

                       c. Run the setup of the NSM software and follow the prompts.

                       d. If you have more than a million alerts in the database it will tell you to run the offline scripts after the upgrade is completed.

                            The instructions on running these scripts are better-described in the 7.1 Upgrade guide both in how to run them and what they do

                            (They take the alert and packetlog schema tables and convert them to the schema)


                  3. Once the NSM is upgraded to now you can push the Sensor software out to the M-1250.


                  If you have other sensors that have not yet been upgraded to get them up to that version as well.


                  This will put you at the prime position to move to 7.1 when you are ready.

                  The Server hosting the NSM application will HAVE to be at Windows 2008 R2 before you go to NSP Version 7.x

                  If the Server is a McAfee NSM Appliance (Dell 1950 or R300, or Intel SR1695) currently under support - there is a free upgrade kit to take the server to Windows 2008 R2.