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    Problem to Update xdat.exe for VSE8.8



      I am using a desktop PC is OS Windows 7 Pro (64 Bits).

      VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 have been installed and the licensed have been registered / validate.


      Anyway, since the DAT file was outdated (more than 10 months), therefore I'm trying to update.

      I did manage to download the xdat.exe file (7203xdat.exe).


      When updating the DAT file by clicking the 703xdat.exe file, it proceed but does not complete and did not successfully update my VSE DAT version.

      There a windows pop up with a message:


      "SDStbRes.dll:  The specified module could not be found".


      I am not sure whether there have been any register file is missing during the installation process of VSE 8.8.


      Appreciate if anyone or McAfee Technical Support can assist me with this issue.


      Thank you an best regards