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    ePO reports Windows 8.1 as OS Build 9200


      So I've been trying to post this to the mysupport portal as a new ticket but the system has been enraging me all morning by erroring on the submit step...


      We are deploying several test Windows 8.1 Enterprise systems to evaluate functionality in labs and select users.  We're discovering issues with SiteAdvisor and HIPS with the Windows 8.1 systems and wanted to make Tag groups of them to ignore deploying certain products.  The issue is that the systems are being recorded in ePO with identical information to a Windows 8.0 system so I can not build tag groups.  Windows 8.1 OS Build is 9600 but in ePO it's being reported as 9200 which is Windows 8.0.


      I've attached an image showing the testing group that has a mix of W7, W8, & W8.1 systems.  The 2 machines highlighted are Windows 8.1 systems but are being reported as if they are Windows 8.0 systems.  I even deleted the P3101C-IQ500 system from ePO and let it re-report itself to see if it would build the info correctly.


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