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    Can't do full scan?

      When I ask McAfee Total Protection to do full scan it has a green screen and says it is scanning and the little dial at the top is going round...................however none of the percentages change from 0% and no file names that it is scanning are shown.  After 30 minutes it is still in this same state?  The pause button is greyed out and if I ask it to cancel it ignores me, the only way I can get rid of the screen is to ask the computer to shut down, it then says it is shutting down but the blue circle just keeps going round and it doesn't shut down (longest I have waited is about 15 minutes!). I then have to use the power button to swith the laptop off!  I currently can't get online either!  The laptop (windows 7) cannot seem to find the BT HOme hub 4 and says limited access (which in reality means no access!), not sure if the two are related only had the home hub about 5 weeks and not used it much in that time, going to ring BT tonight and talk to India (groan) for 5 hours about the home hub but if anyone can shed any light on the McAfee scan problem I would be most grateful.  Thanks in advance.