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    Solidecore & ePo 5



      I can not install the 6.1 solidecore knew my ePo 5, apparently it is not compatible. my question is is there a version compatible with the one I have.

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          The following errors display when you attempt to install theSolidcore 6.1.1 extension on an ePO 5.0 server that is not directly connectedto the Internet:


          Extension Solidcore, version6.1.1.155 is not compatible with this version of ePolicy Orchestrator.


          The file that identifies ePO 5.0 supported extensions isreleased to the McAfee site and updated by ePO installations on a daily basis.


          Any ePO installation is able to access the file to be updated with the latestsupported extensions, provided it has access to the Internet to retrieve theupdates. ePO uses an internal task to achieve this update and should notrequire manual intervention.

          However, in cases where the ePO 5.0 server does not have access to theInternet, the file will not be updated automatically, thusrequiring a manual update.


          Use the following steps to manually update the ProductCompatibility List:

          NOTE:This process is also documented in a Help page in the ePO 5.0 console. 

          1. Log on to the ePO 5.0 console.
          2. Click Menu, Configuration, Server     Settings.
          3. Click Product Compatibility List in the Setting     Categories column.
                 NOTE: The default setting is     Enabled. However, if you set this to Disabled, the XML     file can be uploaded directly into ePO 5.0 by browsing on your local file     system. The file link is located on that same page. The direct link     to the online Product Compatibility List is located at: https://epo.mcafee.com/ProductCompatibilityList.xml.
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            Thank you for your return.
            I have followed the procedure you sent me. but I still get the message.

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              Please let us know the exact Solidcore version you are using.

     is the version which is compatible with ePO 5.0


              Can you also check the compatibility list xml updated date from -

              Menu-> Configuration-> Server Settings -> Product Compatibility List

              "Current product compatibility list date"



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                Thank you very much for your help, I have a little problem is that I can not executed the command from the client as sadmin event or sadmin license status at the command line macafee solidfier

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                  1. I was talking about Solidcore extension version which you have checked in ePO. You can verify in ePO itself -> Menu -> software-> Extensions. Look out for Solidcore.


                  2 Compatibility list xml updated date from -

                  Menu-> Configuration-> Server Settings -> Product Compatibility List

                  "Current product compatibility list date"