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    Encrypting drives over 2TB


      Does EEPC 7 encrypt drives over 2TB with creating a partition gap?

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          not sure what your question is related to re the partition gap - what problem are you trying to solve?

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            We are using EEPC 5.2.12 and cannot encrypt anything over 2TB withOUT creating a partition gap.  The work around for us in the past was use WinPE to create the gap.  Now we have a customer with a server thats over 4TB and doesn't want to create the partition gap.  So that's why I wanted to know if EEPC 7 can encrypt drives over 4TB with having to create a partition gap.  (Different question than the one above) With EEPC 5.2.12, do we have to create 2 gaps with over 4TB?  

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              are you trying to use GPT formatted disks? I'm not sure how you would support a 4TB drive without that? EEPC5 only supports MBR based disks, so 2TB is as big as a drive as can be supported by the OS.


              if you are using GPT disks then you need EEPC7 and uEFI supported hardware.


              I'm not sure there's anything you can do to support a 3TB disk with EEPC5 - if you make a partition gap you still can't represent a sector number > 2TB.

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                Yes, It's GPT

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                  ok. well EEPC5/6 won't work at all on this drive - you may think it's encrypting, but I doubt it will be encrypting anything beyond the 2TB limit, and recovering it will be probably impossible. You need to move to uEFI and EEPC7.