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    Pushing out VB script triggers Access Protection Rule on Endpoints


      Next week, I am going to push of custom ePO package created with EEDK. This package will make the endpoints run a simple VB script which will add a port exception to the firewall. We are not in a AD environment and have found a way to do this using EEDK. However, in my testing, I have notice the "View Security Status" on each endpoint will have a red exclamation in them. This script is triggering the Access Protection rule "Prevent scripts running from temp". We currently have this rule set to report only, which means the script will run.


      I basicaly want to know what are the ways to surpress these "View Security Status" alerts as I don't want the end user to be calling the help desk. I am thinking about temporarily turning off the option to "report" when scripts run from temp. Is that a good idea or is there another way?