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    ePO server to ePO server communication?


      Hello, I am running an ePO 4.5 server in my business enclave and want to be able to send reports to another ePO server.  Is there any way to configure ePO to communicate directly with another ePO server?  I know there are options to generate reports and automatically have them emailed to someone.  There are also options to configure remote/trusted servers (specifically SNMP servers and LDAP servers) but I'm hoping to configure an automated task that will send reports from one ePO server to another without human interaction, perhaps on a scheduled time period (daily) or when a specific event happens...

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          Sounds an awful lot like the rollup reporting function will fit.


          From the ePO product guide:


          Multi-server rollup querying

          ePolicy Orchestrator includes the ability to run queries that report on summary data from multiple


          Use these result types in the Query Builder wizard for this type of querying:

          • Rolled-Up Threat Events

          • Rolled-Up Client Events

          • Rolled-Up Compliance History

          • Rolled-Up Managed Systems

          • Rolled-Up Applied Policies

          Action commands cannot be generated from rollup result types.


          How it works

          To roll up data for use by rollup queries, you must register each server (including the local server) that you want to include in the query.


          Once the servers are registered, you must configure Roll Up Data server tasks on the reporting server (the server that performs the multi-server reporting). Roll Up Data server tasks retrieve the information from all databases involved in the reporting, and populate the EPORollup_ tables on the reporting server. The rollup queries target these database tables on the reporting server...






          Separately, please note ePO 4.5 is end of life Dec 31st 2013. Please consider upgrading to maintain supportability.



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            This solution sounds like a good possibility.  This solution requires giving the ePO server outside of our business enclave access to our MS SQL Server instance, in essence allowing the external ePO server to pull data from the internal ePO.  Can anyone think of a way where the ePO server inside our business enclave could push required reports to the external ePOserver?  From an information assurance perspective it would be easier to implement a pushing of the reports from one ePO to another than a pulling of data from the DB.