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    EE0F0001 error at preboot login


      We recently updated to ePO 5.0.1. After getting everything setup, we decided to encrypt all of our workstations with EEPC 7.0 w/ Patch 2. We have the agent and the encryption software successfully deployed to a few test machines as we wanted to learn how it functioned before deploying it to all users. I understand how everything works except the administrator recovery.  For testing purposes, I set the computers to timeout the password after 5 attempts and to invalidate the password after 10 attempts. After 10 attempts, I am able to use the user recovery by answering the security questions I set in place. However, I am not able to successfully use the administrator recovery except for one time which was totally by happenstance and cannot get it to work again. I'm sure I'm just missing a step of the procedure so I'll list out what I'm doing each time.


      1) Restart the computer

      2) Select option>recovery>Administrator Recovery

      3) I type the "Client Code" into ePO's Encryption Recovery module

      4) Select the type of recovery


      These are the options I have:

      a. Machine Recovery

      b. User Recovery

           i. Unlock Disabled User

           ii. Reset Token

           iii. Reset To Password Token


      I'm not really sure which option to choose. I've tried all of them. Machine Recovery gets me past the preboot screen but after another restart I'm stuck with the same issue.


      5) Select the user I'm trying to login with

      6) Type the Response code into the laptop

      7) The laptop asks for a new password. After selecting a new password, it goes back the username box.

      8) I type in the username followed by the password

      9) I then receive "Error EE0F0001 Token authentication parameters are incorrect"


      Any help would be much appreciated!!!!