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    EPO 5 Windows Server Cals required?




      We are currently running EPO 4 and as it is end of life are looking to upgrade to EPO 5. I was looking to move EPO onto it's own server anyway and as EPO 5 only does not support Sevrer 2003 which the current EPO is on this seems like a good time to make the move.


      At the moment we only use server 2003 & Server 2008 and have enough cals for all our users. If we were to installl EPO onto a new Server 2012 VM I would have to buy a windows server lisence but would I also need to buy CALS? I am thinking I would, which would make this an expensive project. If so I will have to run it on Server 2008.


      Any advise gratefully received.





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          Laszlo G

          I was just talking about this in my office some months ago and what we finally understood about Microsoft CALs was that you only need to buy them if you have persistent connections (or concurrent connections) between ePO sevrer and managed computers.


          As there's no persistent connections nor concurrent (maybe sometimes but they connect at random times) we shouldn't need more CALs than the ones shipped with the server license.


          Maybe someone else that knows the CAL licensing a bit more can tell something different.