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    Interface showing Down : M-8000 connecting with Cisco 6513-E & Nexus 7018



             We have been trying to install McAfee M-8000 Boxes inline between WAN & Production LAN. But these Interfaces (XFP) on M-8000 are showing in DOWN state only after enabling & connecting them INLINE between Cisco 6513-E (WAN Device connected on 1A) & our Core Switch (Nexus 7018 connected on 1B).

         The LEDs are also not Glowing & it is happening with all the M-8000 Boxes. On NSM, the Ports are enables but showing in Down State.

      The Fiber Cables are all Fine & working with other Devices.


      I need to confirm whether some Interface specific Config is required in IPS before they get enabled & pass the Traffic? McAfee Documentation is pathetic & We Weare having a hard time to find even the basic Installation Info.