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    Artemis won't let me backup

      When ever I try to back up McAfee detects Artemis and the backup fails.



      McAfee has detected an infected item in a shared folder on your network.  To remove the

      threat, right-click the folder, change its properties to allow full access and the click scan.


      Detected Artemis!16CB2CE6F2BB (Trojarn)

      Quarantined from: \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy11



      We cannot remove a Trojan while the infected file is in a shared folder on your network.

      Allowing full access to the folder frees up the infected file allowing McAfee to fix the issue.



      The number on shadocopy varies.


      I am out of ideas.  Please Help!


      Based on a similar post, I have tried:


      Disable recovery


      Enable recovery

      Delete detected quarantined files



      Only to see the error message reappear and the backup fail