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    Remote disable of Endpoint Protection firewall via Securitycenter?

      I have SaaS installed on SBS2003 and a number of client machines. There was a critical SaaS update recently (which required a restart of every machine). All the client machines seemed to come back up OK, but the SBS2003 server seems to have locked down all the ports necessary for remote access, VPN, POP3, basically leaving only HTTP, HTTPS and FTP ports open. I don't know if the 2 things are related, but the problem is I'm currently remote from the server, and now can't access it remotely at all! I can access Securitycenter through the web, though, and wondered if I could find a way to temporarily disable the firewall on the server so I can get in and figure out what's happened. I can't see easily how this might be done, though. Any ideas?