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    NIPS problem

    Luis San Juan

      I have a problem with the operating mode.


      Administrative Status   : ENABLED

      Operational Status      : UP

      Operating Mode          : 5 unsupported

      Mdix setting            : DISABLED

      Duplex                  : FULL

      Port Connected to       : OUTSIDE

      10/100 Port Speed       : 100 MBPS

      Gigabit Port Speed      : NOT APPLICABLE

      Total Packets Received  : 615127127

      Total Packets Sent      : 482773365

      Total CRC Errors Rcvd   : 8463998

      Flow Control Status     : NOT APPLICABLE


      In the NSP the status of the sensor shows Inline mode, but when I check it by SSH the display information says 5 unsupported. Can somebody tell what this mean?? and help please.