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    Question ref updates

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      I'm using Internet Security 2013 and I haven't received a pop-up for several days now stating that updates have been installed. The date of the last update is from several days ago, but the date for the next update is changing constantly. When I check for updates manually the interface just jumps back main screen giving the impression nothing was done. The funny thing is though, when I log in to my account online it states the last update was done today! I'm not getting any red warnings and the interface is indicating that the computer is secure. Has anyone else experienced this at all, is my product really updating or not?

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          Peter M

          You may have inadvertently clicked the Enter key when the 'do not show me this again' option was active the last time the update popup appeared.


          When you open the software is it green and saying that it's protecting?   If so then it's fine.  Updates are, by and large, silent.


          The dates you see displayed are, I believe, when it will next check for an update, not necessarily when one will come in, but that varies between software versions.


          If in doubt run the Virtual technician to see if it finds and fixes anything:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/ .

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            Thanks for the quick response, I didn't expect one that fast!


            I could well have accidently activated the "do not show me this again" option, didn't think of that.


            What concerns me is the date of the last update shown on the software itself (21 Sep) and of that on my online account (23 Sep), they don't correspond.


            Everything is green, updates indicate current, and computer protected, so like you said it should be fine. I was just wondering why the dates don't jive, and also why the manual update doesn't seem to work properly.


            I ran the virtual technician which didn't find anything, so that is reassuring.


            Thanks for your help, you have a good day.

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              Peter M

              Those dates that are shown can be misleading to say the least.  I ignore them on mine.   All the best ;-)