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    epo failback


      if no repository is enabled and failback disabled, where will it default to for updates?

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          Laszlo G

          Hi minion, you cannot disable ePO repositories and fallback at the same time because ePO server won't let you do it; if you try to do disable your ePO repository then fallback will be automatically enabled and the same thing if you disable the fallback (of course, this is about the mcAfee Agent repository policy)

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            reason i am asking, all repositories was disabled in one of my groups, http aswell, it defaulted back to the main repository which was also disabled? just found it strange


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              I think that's how it's designed tbh.

              In the event all repo are somehow disabled/fail it may default to the master repo since that is hosted on the ePO server which by definition would technically always be available (even if marked disabled).