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    Serious problem with removal of AntiTheft


      Hello, I have a serious problem with McAfee AntiTheft  software on one of our company's Asus laptop - unfortunatelly we are unable to get rid of this software. Before the end of trial version of AT we've tried to uninstall this software which caused crash of Windows 8 on Asus laptop - we were forced to reinstall Windows 8 but after then, we were unable to un-enroll AT.

      Now, although we've managed to unistall AT, AT monthly locks the laptop up so it is only chance to unlock this through AT web-console. Unfortunatelly, last time, on Saturday 9/21/2013,  this incriminated laptop disappeared from https://home.mcafee.com/Secure/MyAccount/DashBoard.aspx page so it is more difficult to unlock laptop for its owner now regardless it is very annoying to unlock computer from web-console every time.


      Unfortunatelly, I'm not the only one who tried to uninstall AT software from this laptop so maybe, I will not able to provide you all information about behavior of AT.


      Do anyone mind assisting me with complete removal of AT?


      Please and thanks!