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    where is the trust list?

      Hello, I wanna remove a file from the trust list just confirmed to be trusted.
      but I can't locate trust list.
      then I've tried to get help from HELP: mafeefe2.png
      and followed as it says: mafeefe1.png

      but the format seems to be changed...... it's different from what the HELP says.
      So what should I do, please??

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          Trusted items are only available to select them if they are PUPs or potentially unwanted programs. You cannot not trust files willy nilly so they can be ignored by the real time scanner in the home edition.


          Did you trust it recently (I see you said that). So what version of Mcafee are you running it ,the trusted file should be in the trusted listing in quarantined and trusted items. It should be in trusted items area. This is assuming you have 12.8 security centre.

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            Thanks for your reply
            Yes I've trusted it recently and remember that Mcafee said I can remove it form the trusted list if I want.
            So I have 12.1 security centre?? But I've checked it, it's up-to-date. Do I have to pay or someting to reach 12.8??


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              No I assume you got your version from a Mcafee partner ie isp etc they run a few patches behind sometimes. Your Affid number I feel points that way as well.


              12.1 should have the trust list visible if it does not best to call support they will sort out what is wrong.