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    VSE8.8 settings

    Furqan Ahmed

      Dear All,


      we are facing the below mention problem.


      1) I have deployemnt EPO4.6.5 in our enviroment and deployed Antivirus 8.8 from the epo server in our network, when ever i try to copy the files from our network its takes long time to copy in our client sides. The files size is about 2 MB but it takes long times, i think antivirus scaning the files. please help me to resolve the problem.


      2) The second problem is that i have installed an oracle server in our network and form developer 6i in our client side. our users use an application which are connected to our data base everytime user try to print the report it takes around 30 second to generate the report , when user click on generate report tab the RWBR.exe process is started, how to exclude this process from scanning.


      3)how to set system utilization in scanning. for example the antivirus8.8 took 15% of system resource while the scanning process is runing.




      Furqan Ahmed

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          1. Need a LOT more information to be able to help with this.

          2. The concept is a Low-Risk Process

          3. You don't. Nor should you. During an On Demand Scan it is normal for it to consume 100% of CPU resources. The process is throttled with a lower process priority as long as you don't pick "Normal". (Below Normal is default). This makes the process yield to pretty much everything else on the system. The CPU wasn't a consideration in the ODS scan design only whether it yields to the user experience. This is a far superior way to handle things over older ways (like everything prior to 8.8).

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            Furqan Ahmed

            Dear Peter,


            Thanx for the reply, what type of information will u need for my question no1. i only want when ever the files copy from shared folder my antivirus 8.8 will not scan these files. but on limited system. i will not get the answer of querstion no 3 please describe it in detail.




            Furqan Ahmed