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    Update error

      Hi. I don't know much about technical stuff so I hope somebody can help me. I have some issues with my McAfee Security Center. Today when I tried to update it on my Windows 8 pc, I got the error message "McAfee cannot update your software. Please check your internet connection. If the problem continues, please contact Technical Support." Even though it says my programs are up to date, I still get the message "Your computer is at risk". At first I thought it's my pc problem so I checked my laptop(windows 7) and got the same result as well. So I'm wondering is it my pc/laptop problem or McAfee's problem? I don't have any other anti-virus on my pc or laptop, both using McAfee and came preinstalled when I bought them.  I used McAfee Virtual Technician but the problem still presists. Hope someone can tell me how to fix it. Thanks and appreciate your help.

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          From your screenshot I gather that you are using Windows 8 with a wireless connection, am I right?  First check in Device Manager that you only have one network active.   If there are 2 or more it can confuse the software.  Also open IE and check that it can reach the outside world, the reason for that is that McAfee uses IE for its functions.


          When you ran MVT did it indicate issues?


          Maybe also try calling Technical Support and the link for your area is:  http://service.mcafee.com/faq/country.html

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            Thanks for the reply! Yes I am using Windows 8 with wireless connection. Checked IE & network but the problem still the same. When I ran MVT it says found no problem on my computer. I wonder since I keep getting the update error message, will my pc McAfee anti virus still work? As in protect my pc from any viruses or other threats.

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              Then I would phone Technical Support as I suggested.