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    Most files not accesible after disabling File Protection



      Few months ago I enabled "file protection" on Intel McAfee AT. System became unstable, and slow since then, so few weeks later I disabled "file protection". During file decipheing some freezes occured, but after a day or so folders semed deciphered and the "lock" icon disappeared. Latety I discovered, tham most of my old files although accesible are somehow damaged. Even conten of few txt files seems random.

      What's a bit strange is that the problem is only with files in MyDocuments folder, that was located on second partition.
      I supose that those files are still ciphered. Is there a way to deciphere them?

      Please help.

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          Decryption has a few dependencies that the latest client enforces. One should log out all other users, close all open applications and program especially e-mail applications. I can't say that I have heard of issues with multiple partitions previously. 


          Yes there is a standalone tool that can be used to decrypt files. The tool is designed to be run on systems where the client has been uninstalled. We may need to un-enroll the computer before running to tool. One caveat, at the moment the decryption tool is only available through the technical support.


          Have you contacted technical support yet?