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    Superdat or Distributed Repository


      I was wondering if someone could assist me? Im new to epo and am a little confused as to what options i should implment.  We currently have EPO installed on a server within our domain, but we also have seperate domains that are untrusted. 

      I want to be able to distribute software updates to the client machines in the untrusted domain from the dc's witin the domain, now im not sure what the best
      policy would be superdat, distributed repository??


      A little confused so any information would be gratefully received.

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          Laszlo G

          Hi oh_meh, even if they are untrusted domains you only need to deploy McAfee Agent to them and, if they can reach your ePO server by DNS or IP address, then they will report to it and they will also pull updates from your epo server

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            Laszlo - I actually didnt know that, i will try that.  Thanks for the prompt reply.

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              A Superagent-based repository will use the existing agent-server communication channel to replicate data, so no further consideration needs to be made regarding protocol.

              A distributed repository is generally based on ftp, http or unc which you would have to ensure had the correct ports and credentials right for the respective protocol separately.


              If it's untrusted then unc is probably out, but not necessarily ftp or http.

              SA repo's are really easy to set up but ftp can be a more efficient protocol on slower connections.


              On the most recent versions of ePO & agent you can also look up the term 'lazy cache' and see if that is appropriate in getting updates to your machines.


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                Think i will give Superdat-based repository a go and see how i get on based on my current set-up.


                Cheers Rackroyd.