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    DNS Round Robin - which Server does the client use?




      I have setup DNS Round Robin Load Balancing and now I want to find out which client uses which off my two Offload scan server?


      I cannot find this information in the "mvadm stats" nor in the ePO...



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          You could perform a NETSTAT -an on the client and see which IP address is being communicated with on port 9053 (that's the default port).


          If you perform MVADM STATUS on the client it will show you the server though that may just show a hostname to you.

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            Ok but I want to have an overview of all clients and the corresponding server - why is there no column in ePO which shows the Offload Server?



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              The McAfee MOVE software current does not have this as a feature.  Please create a PER so that the McAfee MOVE Product Manager can review your idea for a future feature.




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