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    Does anybody know how to remove the Nattly.com search engine hijacker?


      One way or another I ended up with Nattly as my default web search engine. I can't get rid of it as it's apparently designed to keep coming back. Many people online say to just simply remove it from your browser list of search engines or to remove it from the list of programs in Control Panel. If you remove it from the browser, it keeps reappearing as the default once you start up your browser the next time and it doesn't show up on the program list in Control Panel. If you perform a search with it, all the results are basically paid ads or commercial sites. It is useless for searching which makes me suspicious that's it's more evil than people post because whoever gets it is surely going to try to get rid of it. Nobody would ever use it as a general search engine.


      I found nattly.com in McAfee's list of programs and it lists it as a minimal risk. I don't buy that- this thing takes over your browser's search capabilities and it can't be easily removed. I don't consider that minimal.


      Any help directing me to a solution would be appreciated very much! I'm not a computer genious, just a user.


      Thank you-