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    Youtube channel

    Andre Lima

      Hi. I have searched around and did not find how to allow a youtube channel in MWG 7.3.


      Also, I need to allow people to search for a video but if this video is not authorized it will be blocked.


      Anyone know how to do it? I have tryied a lot but I am not so expert in this enterprise solution.


      Thank you.


      André Lima

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          Andre Lima

          No one? Please help. It is very important to me. If anyone knows, it will be wonderful...

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            I attached a copy of the YouTube Application Control ruleset.  I am not sure how old it is, but I don't see anything that would keep it from working on newer versions.  It is working in my lab on


            The rule set pulls in data about the video's title, category, credit (uploader/channel), description, and keywords.  There are also sample rules that are applied against that data that you can modify to match what you need.


            These rules will not effect searches, but if the result of a search is clicked then it may be blocked.