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    Newbie - HIPS, Firewall, Trusted Networks and LANDesk Remote Control


      Newbie here - don't hate me...

      We are finding that LANDesk remote control is blocked by HIPS V8, we have also discovered that by overriding the local client and disabling the firewall LANDesk remote control does work.


      We have compared how our previous HIP V7 clients were configured and we can see that two Trusted Networks have been added to the FIrewall configuration.


      The question is this: If you add in a Trusted Network range does this imply that all Firewall rules do not apply to this trusted network, or is there an additional step/configuration that has to be done additonal to this?


      Before we set off down the adaptive rules etc we really just want to stop the firewall being enabled if it is a known network.