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    Categorization haywire




      I dont why but today i faced two issues...


      1)      uokb.com - A banking new and business related site was blocked for an user stating the category was Online Shopping, Malicious Sites with Medium Risk. When I tried the site it opened for me without being blocked. Check the site online on trustedsource.org showed the site as being Uncategorized URL. After 10 mins the user tried again and it started working. But the thing is it loads very slowly when going through the McAfee Web Gateway.


      2)     timetothink.com - The second site is classified by Web Gateway as being in the category Web Mail blocked for everyone. On trustedsource.org it is shown as  Uncategorized URL.  For this site also it takes a while before the blocked message is shown.


      I have added the Dynamic Classification rule from the library after the URL filtering and enabled dynamic content classification


      on 9/18/13 6:15:52 PM AST