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    Reinstallation of anti-theft impossible after failed uninstall


      Hi forum,


      I seem to have a similar issue as most in this forum... I tried to uninstall anti-theft but it failed. Afterwards it seemed to be broken (no synching possible anymore).


      I wanted to reinstall it to have a clean setup for another attempt, but I always get the same error, from the installer, that a possible threat has been detected. Now I have no AT, and no way to reinstall it, but most likely a running timer >:-(


      What can I do now? Can't you provide me an installer, that forces install (even if a threat is detected)? Is there maybe a commandline parameter to skip this step like "McAfeeSetup /no-check"?


      The idea of the anti-theft service is so good, but if it doesn't work, it is a real nightmare (no better way to brick my own PC, than that...).  I heard McAfee/Intel puts emphasis on customer experience, so please, prove me it's not only hot air...


      Help, me please!!!


      Best regards


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          I want to give an update of my status...


          The strange installation behavior could be circumvented by starting Windows in safe-mode! I read that there are quite some others in this forum with the strange "no install because of detected threat" behavior, so it might be worth a try.


          Drawback: Now I have a reinstalled McAfee Anti-Theft that is not connected to my account anymore, my account waits for synchronization to unregister my PC, and the uninstaller does not uninstall, while the PC is not unregistered -> Classical deadlock...


          As it is possible to still unlock the PC with the user set password and the server token, can't you provide a tool that allows uninstall with support of the server token (instead of the required connection to the Anti-Theft server)?


          This would be a great relief to seemingly lots of people...


          Btw. I love the idea to have a HW timer that secures my PC, but if it is not working as expected this feature becomes really a nightmare :'-(


          Best regards


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            Hello Chris,


            I have seen the installation message about the threat before as well. I can't say I have found a good reason for this. I understand you request for a standalone uninstall application, at this time we don't have such a tool, nor do we have a command line installation application. Anti-Theft is more that just the client as such all the steps need to complete successfully in sequence, one can't skip steps.


            One possible source of trouble with Anti-Theft relates to the MEI driver and iCLS stack.. We have an FAQ that you should review.

            These drivers are available from both your OEM (Prefered location) and Intel.


            Anti-Theft Minimum Spec



            Anti-Theft Device Driver Issue



            If these items are ok you will need to contact technical support to help you investigate the issue further.

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              If you beleive that your Intel Management Engine Interface driver and Chipset driver are working fine. Feel free to contact Tech support in order to proceed further. If you have difficulties checking IMEI/chipset, let me know so that I can assist you.