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    win7 boot issue


      we've seen some windows 7 boot issue and trigger windows 7 recovery and because the disk is encrypted it's can't fix the boot issue..


      Is there a way to jump from safetech emergency boot to windows recovery for example?

      or boot to windows cd after the disk unencrypted b yloading the key/sdb file?

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          1. You can't jump to the recovery console, as Microsoft don't provide any capacity to insert drivers for the decryption into it.

          2. You can boot off a WinPE CD and mount the drive with EETech. You can auth using user/pwd if the pre-boot is vaild or a key file from EPO if not.


          What you can't do is auth at pre-boot then boot a CD image.

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            This normally happen after pre-bbot but it's goes to recovery because the boot to windows was broken..

            I though after pre-boot the disk is unencrypt but somehow the recovery does'nt works..

            not really sure what happen..

            need to dig further


            Boot off winpe and use EETech.. hmm not try that yet..

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              After pre-boot, the disk is decrypted by a real mode driver. When an OS starts, it transitions to protected mode, so needs a special driver to take over the decryption.


              This special driver is obviously missing from the recovery console, and MS don't support adding one.