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    Extract firewall policy


      Hi Guys,


      I am using Sidewinder v 70103. I wanted to export the policy to cisco asa or juniper firewall.

      Aside from cf policy export > filename command which provides the current policy and Firewall policy format, Is there any application or technique i can use to extract the rules from the sidewinder that I need to import to other firewalls?





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          Hi Core,


          as I know there are no "standard" exports in firewalls to exchange configs between different products. As you've already looked for the cf command,

          i would suggest you export everything that is needed like IP's, Services and so on out of your Sidewinder using ascii files, and then convert this files

          to your needs, to import them again within other firewall products.


          In the past I've heard from Securecomputing employees that some of their consultans have written scripts on their own, but mostly to migrate to sidewinder

          firewalls from other vendors.


          Hope that helps