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    Web Application Definition for McAfee Endpoint

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm needed help with McAfee DLP Endpoint Protection. Currently evaluating product for protecting endpoints.

      Enviroment for endpoints: W7 Enterprise + IE9


      EPO: 4.6.0

      DLP Endpoint: 9.3



      And I have come to problems with defining web applications under sections: DLP Policy -> Definitions -> Application Definitions -> Web Application


      For example I have intranet aplication


      https://crm.domain.com/ where during process can be exported data.


      I create web application with URL:


      crm.domain.com  + application tagging rule.


      When data exported, no tag applied.


      When creating with URL:


      crm allow partial match tag applied.


      It's not very precise.


      DLP endpoint documention don't help a lot. What is rigth way of building URL's for web application. What I have to take in consideration to implement sucessfully?


      Thanks in Advance!