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    ePO confusing client event - event 2402 "end of life"


      Just doing a bit of tracking of client events via ePO V4.5 and a feed to our monitoring server and found hundreds of events like this


      "<server>_CLIENT time_Detected=09/17/13 08:36:16 UTC,Event_Description=Update Failed,Host_Name=<hostname>,OS_Platform=Professional,OS_Type=Windows XP,User_Name=<username>,Event_ID=2402,Error=Product has been reached to end of life"


      These machines are DAT updating OK and typically have VSE, Agent, Engine 5400.1158


      But none of the products on the machines reporting this issue seem to be EOL?


      Any ideas? A google of  the exact error text doesn't return much.







      btw... we are planning to upgrade to epo 4.6 and VSE 8.8 etc but just not this week!