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    Machine Blocked


      I work in a public library.  I have 6 laptops running Windows XP.  They are used primarily for computer classes, so security is minimal and firewall is turned off.  I regularly get an error message "Machine Blocked" when trying to update the service in the administrator account.  The rest of the message states:  "This machine has been blocked from receiving updates.  As a result, you may not be protected with the latest updates.  Please contact your system administrator regarding the continuation of McAfee Sercurity-as-a-Service."  This does not happen on the other 5 laptops (2 running XP), nor on the public desktops (all running XP), which have a security program on them.


      Of the 6 laptops, this does not happen on any particular machine all the time.  Today, it was 2 of the laptops.  Friday, these 2 updated okay, but one of the others had this message.  This has happened on all 6 computers at least twice.  I've tried the solution from the knowledge board, which is to check for deleted machines and undelete them.  One of today's computers was on the delete list.  Undeleting it and rebooting the computer did not solve the problem.  The other computer is on the active list and not on the deleted list.


      So far, the only way to get past this issue is to uninstall McAfee and reinstall it, which is a royal pain and very time-consuming, especially when it keeps happening.  Does anyone know why this keeps happening and/or how to stop it from happening?