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    McAfee slowing my computer?


      I had AVG on my Acer netbook, and have just installed McAffee. Everything seems to be running slower. My Shockwave Flashplayer keeps freezing on Facebook  as well, now. What do I do to solve this?  Things were running better before.

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          When you removed AVG did you use its own removal tool to clean up its bits and pieces? If not do so. You may have to reinstall Mcafee ie


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            I used the uninstall program on the computer, for the AVG. I then reinstalled MaCafee (I had had a subscription before, that my son had as he said, "shut off".) He said I could reinstall my McAfee and pick up my subscription where I left off, so that is what I have tried to do.

            On reinstalling McAfee a note popped up that JavaScript wasn't found and it wouldn't work, but then it proceeded on to install. I don't know if this may be an issue.

            The Windows 7 operating system is different from what I am used to. I have looked under "programs" and have not seen any labeled JavaScript. On my search there for "JavaScript", only my tide table program came up on the list. It is still working fine.

            I was wondering if the netbook just doesn't have the RAM, although it was faster on McAfee before, I think the speed was why my son did the trial AVG. Right now it just hangs up and takes forever to do anything. Programs running in the background appear to be: McAfee, Microsoft Skydrive, Microsoft Office 2013, and Trustee Endpoint Protection.

            Do I really need to uninstall and reinstall mcAfee?

            I await further from you. I have tried to be as thourough as I can in this reply.

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              If it is a netbook I would asume that you would have issues running Mcafee. Another mod here has 1 and runs another scanner as Mcafee slows it down as the netbooks just do not have enough cpu and ram usually to work well with Mcafee. What are the specsof it.


              Also I wonder if that endpoint protection program is clashing or using cpu/ram as well?

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                The McAfee was the trial program they had installed when I got the netbook last summer, so I went with that. My Acer Aspire One has CPU IntelAtom N2600(1.6GHz, 1MB L2 cache) Memory 1GB DDR3 .

                I have just ordered a replacement RAM of 2 gigs, which should be in and installed by the beginning of October. I am hoping that will work.

                As to the security program the bank suggested and I installed, do you think I should uninstall it to see if it makes a difference?

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                  Personally Those specs are what Peter's(EX_brit) netbook is near. I will ask him to comment. Re the bank program maybe worth a check but I feel it is teh hardware specs.


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                    Peter M

                    I had to settle for the most minimally impacting software I could find, which was difficult, I can't recommend anything here for obvious reasons.  The netbook is so glacially slow to start with so I only keep it updated as a reserve machine should all else fail (PC, iPad, Nexus etc).


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