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    problem "ihavenet"


      Good morning, afternoon, evening or night


      I'm a French home user of McAfee total protection... so I apologise for my poor English language !


      I have a little problem which happened 2 or 3 months ago :


      I use "secure search" when I look for something on the web, but when I select an answer, a new thumb is open where I get a blank page and in the adress field I have this :


      http://www.ihavenet.com/?search=mcafee&n=1379176129 (I was looking for "mcafee"


      To fix, I right-click "copy adress of link" and I paste in the adress field... but it's not a good solution because I dont know what has been done to my computer:


      The complete scan of my computer doesnt find anything about this.


      Do you now this problem and do you have a solution ?


      Here I work on a laptop (Lenovo) working under Vista


      Many thanks

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          Peter M

          Perhaps you have a browser hijacker.   See the last link in my signature below and try some of the tools there.

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            Reponse à Ex_Brit


            Good morning, afternoon, evening or night


            Thank you for your answer


            I've tried some utilities in your notice :


            - SpywareBlaster : gives me strange things i.e. a jumping screen and no possibility to stop it exept Task manager


            - SuperAntiSpyware : removes only cookies


            - Junkware Removal Tool : McAfee tell me not to enter


            - AdwCleaner : this removes a file in "C:\Users\usrename\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles\295xoct.default\pre fs.js" and the problem dissapear for the two or three searches  via McAfee Secure Search.... but the problem comes back soon and is not solved


            Ive read a lot of things about this virus, but the manners to fix it are strange and as I dont understand very well Eglish when the conversation becomes sharp... I'm afraid of making mistakes


            I cant use sytem restore because I'm not home  and I dont have all my Software CDs to restore the applications


            This virus annoyes me and I dont know what to do.

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              Peter M

              System Restore doesn't involve CD's or other media....it's simply to restore your system to an earlier date.


              How To Do A System Restore In Vista


              SpywareBlaster isn't a scanner - it merely sits in the background checking and all youj need to do is update it occasionally.


              Ignore the McAfee warning regarding Junware removal Tool.


              If the above don't help then follow the instructiions futher down that link regarding Hijackthis and post it's log on one of those specialist forums for expert help.


              Your alternative is to contact McAfee Malware Removal Service and that costs money.

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                I've done lots of things, used some of your "tools", "defrag" the disk, McAfee-scanned the system, I dont know when this virus has disapeared because I had too much fog in my brain, but it disapeared I dont know why ? perhaps the updates of McAfee received during this time have been useful ?


                So I thank you for your help

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                  Peter M

                  Who knows!   Glad it's OK now.


                  Good luck ;-)

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