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    McAfee Total Protection 2013 - error message


      I installed Total Protection 2013 (CD) in August this year but experienced problems and since installing I have been getting a message box saying Make sure path or Internet address is correct.  Cannot find misp://mscjsres.dll::msc.html.    I contacted McAfee Support and they eventually uninstalled and reinstalled.  However, I am still getting the message box popping up.


      From Googling this it seems to be linked with the McAfee product.  I have had cause to contact McAfee Support since and have mentioned this message but this doesn't appear to be being dealt with.  Can anyone give me advice about this message.  I have noticed that the CPU usage is high (but I don't know what this means).      I must mention that I am not technically minded at all with regard to computers so need responses that someone like me can understand.


      Your help would be appreciated.

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          Peter M

          Is your system, whatever it is, totally up to date- all of it including parts you may not use such as Internet Explorer, plus all browsers' add-ons?


          That "Cannot find misp://mscjsres.dll::msc.html" has cropped up in various spots on the forums before and wasn't solved in these forums.


          All I can suggest is running the Virtual Technician  and install all operating system updates as mentioned previously and, if you use Registry Cleaners, stop, as this sort of this is often the result.


          You might also want to run a few extra anti-malware tools, see the last link in my signature below.


          Then I suggest you contact Technical Support again and ask for escalation.


          By the way, I don't know who marked your question as "Assumed Answered" - it wasn't me.  That's why it took a while to find it.








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            I am having the same problem.   I have McAfee Total Protection installed on three computers.   They were all working fine.  When my subscription was about to expire, I bought a new upgrade from Fry's.    Thus far, I have installed on two computers with disasterous results.  On one computer, finally worked after numerous tries.  Another computer has had the install run at least ten times.  Virtual Technician is run at least once a day.  It never fixes anything, although it claims to have corrected a registry key or two. 


            With this problem I cannot open the McAfee Control Panel.   When I attempt to open it, I just get a blank white window.   The problem appears that McAfee is looking for the file in the wrong damn place!    The error messages claims it cannot find the file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mcafee\Platform.   However the file is actually in C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSC   The file in question, mscjsres.dll is there in both of my machines.   One machine works, the other does not.  


            Note:  I attempted to copy the file to the other location, but McAfee has the folder locked down and will not allow me to copy it there. 


            Why can McAfee not issue a patch that either fixes where it is looking for this file OR moves it to where its looking?   It does not seem like rocket science.    Based on the number of views, lots of people are having this problem.

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              Peter M

              Blank interfaces are a problem with Internet Explorer which McAfee relies on to function.


              See this FAQ


              There are several steps there to try.   Even if you use another browser you need to fix IE.


              Make sure your system is totally up to date including any updates for IE and its add-ons.


              If the problem persists, contact Technical Support, it's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                I've been getting the same error, along with "Cannot find 'misp://C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\platjsres.dll::alert.html/'. Make sure path or Internet address is correct."


                After 4 chats and countless uninstalls/reinstalls of MTP, the errors persist. The latest advice from McAfee was to reinstall IE8 (I have a Windows XP computer). I uninstalled/reinstalled IE8 and did all of the updates, but the "Cannot find 'misp://mscjsres.dll::msc.html/'. Make sure path or Internet address is correct" error message still pops up when I restart.


                When I try to uninstall MTP from the Windows Control Panel, I get another error message: "Cannot find 'misp://mscjsres.dll::uninstall.html/'. Make sure path or Internet address is correct." The only way to uninstall is the run the McAfee Cleaner.


                The McAfee icon in the System Tray is "dead," and when I open MTP from the desktop shortcut, it opens a blank screen.


                McAfee Security Scan Plus says everything is okay and up-to-date. I have run MVT numerous times with mixed results: sometimes it says it fixed some errors but couldn't fix others. The latest attempt identified 3 problems with Online Backup not running and 7 missing files, none of which was fixed by MVT.


                I guess my next try, since I have uninstalled/reinstalled IE8, will be to uninstall/reinstall MTP again and see what happens. I'm not optimistic...

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                  Peter M

                  Uninstall McAfee Security Scan Plus as we believe that could interfere with already installed software.    It is merely a sales tool anyway.    I just posted a link to a FAQ that deals with blank interfaces.   That mscjsres.dll file error tells me that there's something wrong with your Java.   Uninstall all Java via Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs


                  Then go to Java.com and download the latest.  http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp

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                    I uninstalled MTP using the McAfee Cleaner. (I had to run it twice to get everything.) I uninstalled McAfee Security Scan Plus. I uninstalled/reinstalled Java 7. I reinstalled MTP, and I got the same two error messages:


                    "Cannot find 'misp://mscjsres.dll::msc.html/'. Make sure path or Internet address is correct."  and


                    "Cannot find 'misp://C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\platjsres.dll::alert.html/'. Make sure path or Internet address is correct."


                    The MTP interface still comes up as a blank screen.


                    I'm going to use the FAQ recommendations next.


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                      Peter M

                      None of the 5 different steps in that FAQ helped?  This one usually fixes it for anyone:


                      1. Save any work. The script asks you to restart your computer when it completes.
                      2. Click the following link and save the file to your desktop:
                            http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/mcscriptfix.zi p
                      3. Unzip the file you downloaded and save mcscriptfix.bat to your Desktop.
                      4. Right-click mcscriptfix.bat and select Run as Administrator.
                      5. Click Yes in the User Account Control box, if prompted.
                            While this script runs, a black DOS Prompt window opens on your screen.
                      6. Press any key to continue when prompted.
                      7. Restart your computer.

                      After your computer boots to Windows, open your McAfee product and verify it is functioning as expected. If you still see the original problem, continue to the next Solution.



                      Contact Technical Support, again if you already did, and ask for escalation.

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                        I did all 5 steps in the FAQ and I still get the same 2 error messages when I reinstall MTP.

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                          Peter M

                          Looking at the FAQ I see that support have reduced the number of steps to try to 3, so I think it's best you contact Technical Support and insist that they escalate the issue.





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