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    How to renew a SafeKey account?

      How to renew a SafeKey account?


      I started using SafeKey fewmonths ago. I used my All Access account to create the SafeKey account.

      My All access account expiredwhich means my SafeKey account expired too.

      I now have Live Safe subscription on my McAfee account. Live Safe also comeswith SafeKey.

      However when I log into mySafeKey account it still says I need to renew. So my SafeKey account is stillconnected to my expired All Access subscription.

      How do I get my SafeKey accountto recognize I now have Live Safe so it should activate my Safe Key account.


      I can create a new SafeKeyaccount using the activation code, but it means I have to make a new emailaddress, i have to start saving my password all over again.

      I wish to use my existingSafeKey account.


      I keep contacting Support butevery time i contact them they don’t understand this problem, they keepthinking it is a PC or Software problem. So every time I contact McAfee supportthey uninstall it and reinstall it, and it still does not work. When i contactthem again the next person uninstalls and reinstalls.

      For some reason they don’t reador they don’t understand the problem I am describing to them.

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          Peter M

          Moved to LiveSafe for better support.

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            Peter M

            Have you tried uninstalling the old Safekey from that machine in the normal manner?   That should have been done before installing LiveSafe, I believe.    I don't think you can change an existing Safekey account in the way you are asking, you would have to make a brand new one with a new email address.


            Customer Service deal with account issues and Technical Support with technical questions and if they couldn't help at first ask them for escalation to a higher level.  This product is relatively new so they may not yet be totally familiar with it.


            Hopefully someone subscribed to this section will chip in here to help.  I don't actually use the product myself. 










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