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    MOVE Multiplatform DNS Load Balancing


      We recently set up MOVE 2.6 Multiplatform on our ePO 4.6.4, installed the offload scan server and set up a few MOVE agents in the network.


      Initially, I added the offload scan server's hostname in the client's policy as the Primary Offload Scan server and that worked perfectly. The status is showing as active, tested the detection with an EICAR file and received an alert as it should have.


      The next thing that we're trying to do is to install a second offload scan server, set up a DNS entry that will contain the IP of both offload scan servers and use that DNS entry as the primary offload scan server in the client's policy. The goal here would be to use a DNS entry to accomplish some sort of load balancing. I can ping the DNS entry that I created for those hosts and it returns me the correct IP address but here's what I see in the client logs :


      U.2508.6348: Sep 12 2013:13:18:45.443:   SYSTEM: cmdi_process.c:  498: Command 'mvadm.exe config set Serveraddress1=move-vdi' returned 0: No error

      U.2508.5872: Sep 12 2013:13:18:45.443:   SYSTEM: evt.c       : 1228: MOVE AV Client protection is disabled. Reason: Active server: Primary server, is not reachable.


      The MOVE client isn't able to reach the offload scan server using that DNS entry even though a ping can reach it. I also tried with the FQDN (move-vdi.mydomain.com) which also fails.