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    MWG Sizing Issue

    Odai zZ

      Hello all,


      Can we determine the suitable appliance to use <<ROUGHLY>> based on Number of usres and Bandwidth available (Number of requests/ sec  is not available ) ?!

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          Odai zZ

          another question:


          what is needed the "Bandwidth" or the "Throughput" ?!

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            "Roughly", 100 users = 10 Req/Second.

            So, 10,000 typical office workers generally generate 1000 req/second of traffic.


            Your mileage may vary depending on your environment.


            Bandwidth is not an accurate number size with. 100 Mbps of bandwidth is roughly 12000 users' worth of traffic in our calculator. But if you have 10,000 users, you can use 1-2x WG5500s, but if you sized only on, say, 1Gbps of bandwidth, you'd need 12x WG5500s.

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              Odai zZ

              Thanks for the reply.


              what is suitable appliance for the info below:

              300 users maximum

              deployment mode: Transparent router

              1 location

              no redundancy appliances

              with NTLM authentication

              SSL scanning will be used

              # of requests per second:difficult to define but considering the percentage of 10:1 ; so we've 30 req/sec